Working for a sustainable future

In a world shared by 7.3 billion people, sustainability isn’t optional – it is essential. Each one of us has a responsibility to our planet and the future generations who will inhabit it. We need to use resources efficiently, improve social- and working conditions, protect natural ecosystems, raise aspirations and extend opportunities for all. We need to continuously improve our business performance and by that the natural world as we live, create and build.

Sustainability at Diab

Diab continues growing, and the larger and more global our company becomes, the greater our responsibility. We believe we need to make a difference on the big issues that matter to us all. That is why we have made Sustainability one of our top business priorities.

Our sustainability efforts are divided into four different areas:
  • Strategy & Governance
  • Human & Labor Rights
  • Business Ethics
  • Environment

We are already making good progress in some of these areas, especially Environment and Human & Labor Rights, with three out of six production sites certified according to ISO14001 and two more to come. We also have a dedicated team that works and will keep on working with sustainability at all sites.

In order to embed our sustainability strategies into daily procedures, we have revised our strategy and governance structures and set new policies and procedures, which are now under implementation.

A lot remains to be done, but we are determined to continue improving our performance, putting sustainability principles and ideas into practice.

Our ambition is to continuously show our progress in this area here on our website. Please come back for an update on what’s currently happening.

Diab Code of Conduct 2017

ISO14001 - Sweden
ISO14001 - Lithuania
ISO14001 - Italy

Diab Limited Modern Slavery Statement 2016 rev2

Diab is a member of the UN Global Compact

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