Application areas

Commercial aviation

Premium quality panels for cabin interiors, seats, lining panels, galleys and monuments.

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General aviation

Light-weight core materials for the primary structure, cabin interiors, floor panels and lining panels.

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Materials with excellent dielectric properties for weather radomes and satcom/Wifi radomes.

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Food trolleys, galley inserts and air containers benefit from light-weight core sandwich solutions.

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Urban Air Mobility

Light-weight materials for UAM and eVTOL aircraft, a new way to transport passenger and goods.

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Core materials we recommend for aerospace applications

Divinycell F

A recyclable, prepreg compatible sandwich core perfect for commercial aircraft interiors.

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Divinycell H

Excellent mechanical properties to low weight.

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Divinycell HT

Comprehensive quality documentation and traceability for aerospace applications.

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Divinycell P

A core with good mechanical, insulating and FST properties.

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Technical expertise

Certificates & Datasheets

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Tools & Services

Find the tools and services you need to draw all the benefits from our materials.

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Composite Consulting Group

If you can imagine it, our specialized consultants in CCG can probably help you build it.

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Sustainability is one of our top business priorities and we strive to further improve our performance.

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About us

A leader of foam core materials and sandwich technology development with an excellent track record.

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